Thakhek – Green Discovery Laos
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The main town of the Khammouane Province, Thakhek is a town blessed with the best views that highlights the beauty of nature. Khammouane features many grandiose caves, mighty mountains, and flowing rivers, the right location for those seeking to do wellness travels or an escape from the world.

Explore the magnificent caves of Thakhek
Conduct some caving in some of the most spectacular caves you will ever see …
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especially the popular Kong Lor Cave and Xe Bang Fai Cave. Standing in all its grandiose and extravagance, the caves should not be miss. Admire the stalagmites and stalactites adorning the cave walls of one of the longest caves in Laos, the Kong Lor Cave.

Discover Thakhek’s hidden rock-climbing paradise
Rock climbers can take on the karstic limestone mountains with the Green Climbers Home …
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who opened the first routes in Laos. With routes from various grades to select from, push yourself as you make your way to the top, where the magnificent view rewards you for your hard work. Also a resort, relax yourself and interact with the rock climbing community gathered there.

Go kayaking on clear and calm rivers
reate some unforgettable memories as you kayak through the caves of Thakhek.
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Surrounded by limestone mountains and dense forests, navigate your way through the cooling river. As you make your way to the caves, put on your headlights while admiring the caverns and reflect on how wonderful nature is.

Catch the view at The Rock Viewpoint
Stop by The Rock Viewpoint at Phou Pha Marn located at the Phou Hin Boun National Protected Area …
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whilst on the Thakhek Loop as you take a break and have a meal. Most importantly, venture out to explore the area as never before. Fly high up between limestone mountains on ziplines, climb the via ferrata, and walk on a spider net as you immerse yourself in nature and take in the birds eye view of this dense and magical jungle.

Trek deep into Thakhek’s National protected areas
Home to a few national protected areas, you can trek through jungles at Thakhek as you learn about the different animals living there and interesting fauna and flora in the forest. Some of these national protected areas includes the Phou Hin Boun National Protected Area and the Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area.
Dip in the lakes and rivers of Thakhek
Have a splash in the lakes and rivers here, specifically, the famous Tha Falang and Khun Kong Leng. Popular amongst the French during the colonization, Tha Falang is now a spot commonly visited by locals. Cool down in the sparkling lake with rocks littered around. At the mystical Khun Kong Leng, the emerald green coloured river simply takes your breath away with its beauty.
Swim at the famous Thad Falang
Popular amongst the French during the colonization, Tha Falang is now a spot commonly visited by locals. Cool down in the sparkling lake with rocks littered around. Though not the best place to visit during the rainy season, do make a trip down other times and have a whale of a time splashing around and hanging out with your family and friends.
Dip in the blue lagoon, Khun Kong Leng
Vang Vieng’s Blue Lagoon sure is popular, but have you heard of Khun Kong Leng? A sight for sore eyes, the spring water of Khun Kong Leng simply takes your breathe away with how clear it is. Have a picnic and take a dip in this undeveloped local spot. The emerald green coloured river is said to have a mystical legend, where a gong would ring in the dead of the night on full moon.
Visit the sacred stupa That Sikhottabong
That Sikhottabong is an important aspect of Laos history and culture. Built more than 500 years ago, the bones of Buddha are said to be housed within the temple. During the Sikhottabong festival, thousands would travel to pay respects at this temple. Standing at 29metre high on the east bank of Mekong south of Thakhek, this stupa is one of the most sacred sites in Laos.
Join the Thakhek Cycling Adventure
Follow the path of an old railway track built by French colonials as you move towards different attractions in Thakhek. From caving, to swimming, to learning about life in the small remote villages, there will never be a dull moment. Cycle past towering limestone peaks and farmlands as you jump from stop to stop, exploring what Thakhek has to offer.

Thakhek by night

Destress with a relaxing Lao massage
Enjoy a relaxing Lao massage at Thakhek. After cavings, kayaking, climbing, and more, you might end up feeling a little sore the next day. Why not head over to a Lao massage place to stretch and give your muscles a treat? A recommended Lao massage parlor would be.

When to go to Thakhek

There are two distinct seasons in Laos, which is the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is from May to October, where you can partake in some activities that are especially amazing for this season. For example, you can kayak along the rivers and enjoy the sight of lush green farmlands and fields. However, it might not be the best season for you to visit the Kong Lor Cave, and take on the Thakhek Loop.

During the dry season, you can experience winter in Laos from November to February, and summer from March to April. It may drop to approximately 15 degrees during winter and can go up to the 30s in the summer, so make sure to prepare well for these temperatures.

The weather today in Thakhek

How to get around Thakhek

In the city


The central area of Thakhek is small enough for you to wander around its streets as you head from place to place. However, there are still places that may be too far for you to walk.



The friendly Tuk-tuk drivers would be more than happy to bring you around Thakhek and are located in many places. If there is no rate stated on the tuk-tuk, do try to bargain for a cheaper price and make sure that the driver is clear of the bargained price.



Rent a motorbike at a rental shop and whizz your way through town. However, make sure that you are allowed to legally drive a motorbike in Laos and always wear a helmet before deciding on riding the motorbike.



The bicycle is a lovely way to explore Thakhek, whereby you can cycle several kilometers between the place of interests. Not only is it a healthier way, it also allows you to stop when you want to check out a certain place or observe an event.



Join tours where guides will bring you around Thakhek, feeding you with all the information you would need on the history, culture, and traditions of Thakhek and its people. One of the best ways to experience the city, check out the tours offered now!

Out of the city

Shared/Private Minivan

Take a minivan out of Thakhek, to numerous exciting tourists spots. You can also take the minivan to a different province or city in Laos. You may grab a shared or private minivan there. You can book through transportation or tour companies.



There are bus services, heading out of Thakhek to other cities and provinces, by some transportation companies. These buses area scheduled to go several times a day, so do check the schedule and prices before hand and book a ticket.



There are some tuk-tuks that would bring visitors to tourist spots out of Thakhek. These tuk-tuks may be located around the city, or under some transportation companies.

What to eat in Thakhek

1. Khop Chai Deu Thakhek

Enjoy a wide range of options, from traditional Lao dishes to International ones. Guaranteed satisfaction, this restaurant would give a taste of the authentic local cuisine and can also provide amazing comfort foods such as burgers and pizzas.

2. Kneebar and Layback Bar

Dine in a chilled-out atmosphere and enjoy some International and Laos cuisine at the bars and grab yourself a fruit shake as you relax from a day of rock-climbing at the Green Climbers Home.

3. Patalai

Bite into delicious pizzas cooked up by this restaurant. You will be able to find one of the best pizzas in the city at this restaurant! Opened from 11am to 11pm, from Wednesday to Monday.

4. Le Bleu Café

A great place to sip on high-quality coffee and relax, this quaint café also boasts a great atmosphere with its pretty interior design and delicious French, American, and Lao foods.

5. Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

Not only does the restaurant serve scrumptious dishes, it also has one of the top customer services in the city. Feel welcomed by how nice and friendly the hosts are whilst enjoying a nice meal here!

6. La Casa Thakhek

This restaurant serves Italian and French cuisine. Have a meal savouring flavourful dishes from this restaurant that is located in the La Casa Thakhek Guesthouse.

Some ways to get to Thakhek

*price range is according to price for one-way
*disclaimer: the prices are approximate

$: 0-25
$$: 26-50
$$$: 51-100
$$$$: >100

Bus from Vientiane

7 hour
Very convenient
Fairly comfortable

Bus from Pakse

6 hour
Fairly comfortable

Bus from Nakon Phnomh

1 hour 30 minutes
Fairly comfortable

What bring to Thakhek

1. Insect repellent

Mosquitoes will be that dark cloud ruining the perfect sky here in Laos. Remember to bring your insect repellent if you do not want to be itching all day long.

2. Sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses)

The sun in Laos is deadly. Remember your protective gear – sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.

3. Long trousers

Stay safe with long trousers as you travel around. It will be your shield from the sharp branches and plants that may cut into your skin.

4. Trekking or comfortable shoes

Wear comfortable, preferably trekking shoes, as you will most likely be doing tons of walking here. May the blisters not be with you.

5. Refillable water bottle
As an eco-tourism company, we highly encourage you to bring your own refillable water bottle. Head over to our sales office to refill them (while stocks last). If you are participating in our tours, there will be water stations available, and we will hand you 3L bottles to refill your bottle.

6. Swimsuit (conservative, sarong for women)
Do bring along a swimsuit, preferably a more conservative one out of respect for the locals. With water activities available, this is an essential in your travel pack.

7. Conservative clothes for the temples
Bring along conservative clothes for visits to the temples. These clothes would have to cover your shoulders and knees.

8. Universal Adapter
It goes without saying that the universal adapter is an important item for all those who are carrying electronics with you.


Money exchange

It is ideal to use USD as the currency to conduct your currency exchange here. Some of the recommended money changers would be -.

Health care

If you feel uncomfortable or have fallen sick in Vientiane, you can head over to the French Clinic and Allianz Clinic Vientiane, where there are English speaking doctors working.